Claims Handling and Management

Our primary service is to inform passengers of their rights under different regulations. We encounter passengers when planned travel does not go according to plan, we offer them assistance in obtaining compensation (if applicable).

Obtaining Compensation

Our officials will first approach the operating carrier and request the compensation due.

Depending on the answer given, we either withdraw the claim or continue to pursue the compensation request.

In cases of escalation, a national court will determine if compensation is payable.

What does it entail?

  • We offer quick analysis and collective expertise to promote the interest of air passengers and access to justice.
  • We protect passengers from additional costs.
  • Give assistance to passengers and compensation in the event of denied boarding, flight cancellation or long delay of flights.
  • Help passengers in cases where total costs are not clearly specified or misleading air services adverts.
  • Help passengers who need to cancel their flights and get refunds.

We adhere to global rules on consumer protection and rights of passengers, passengers must enjoy a high level of protection.

How to Book the Service?

  1. Please fill the Request Quote Form below and submit it at least 24 hours to time.
  2. Give specific details of the service you need